Saturday, 16 November 2013


This weeks challenge from Aussie Curves is swimwear! And my, oh my... Isn't this what the "Aussie Curves" movement is all about?

This week has been truly crazy... And has made me realise that we should love our bodies, regardless of what they look like. It doesn't matter if you a slim, fat, toned or thick... What matters is that you are healthy. 

For that reason I didn't want to miss out on this weeks challenge. 

As a kid, I loved the water and especially the beach. Then I hit those awkward teenage years where you become unsure of yourself and don't want to be the "fat" girl at the beach (I wish I was that "fat" now!!!)
I can't tell you at exactly what moment I though "fuck it" but once I was around 18 years old I started wearing two piece swimmers again, and never looked back. 

For me, wearing board shorts was never comfortable, neither was wearing a one piece. 

I could point out a million things I see wrong with my body, and I'm sure you could as well, but in all honestly... NO ONE CARES! (And anyone who does, only does so to make themselves feel better). 

I love nothing more than seeing "bigger" girls at the beach or pool being carefree! Enjoying the sun and water. I prefer to see that, than a woman looking so uncomfortable in her layers of clothes, and too embarrassed to join in on the fun! 
Top from ASOS and bottoms from Kmart.

Yes, this is me, being a big kid and playing under the sprinkler! 

I hope these brave, lovely ladies below have, or will, inspire you to NOT GIVE A F*CK next time you go to the beach, or pool! 


  1. I love it!! You have an awesome attitude towards swimwear and you look great, loving the red bikini top, gorgeous!

  2. Playing under the sprinkler!?!! Oh I love it!
    Good job babe! Red looks great on you!

  3. LOVE the sprinklers shots. And you're so right, anyone spending their time at the beach or pool criticizing other people's bodies has totally missed the point. Numpty. You look fab and SO at home in this, I wouldn't even look twice. Well I might, but it would be to admire the top! LOVE.