Friday, 18 October 2013


Last weekend, my sister-in-law (to be) Liz joined a few other ladies and held a stall at our local Rotary Markets to sell our pre loved plus size clothing.



The plus size clothing market was organised by the gorgeous Danimezza (who has held a stall at these markets before).

Liz & I only decided a few days before that we would hold a stall, so admittedly, we were a bit unprepared.
We went through all our pre loved (but still in good condition) clothes and sorted out what we would sell and for how much. Most of our clothing was things that no longer fit us in the range of a size 12 - 16, although some of the market goers thought this wasn't exactly 'plus size' (I guess you can't please everyone!)

In the end, we ended up about $40 on top (each). So while we didn't exactly 'make bank', we did end up with a bit of spending money for the weekend.

The ladies who we spoke to loved the idea of the plus size markets, and are definitely keen to see it happen again. I think doing it on a 6 monthly basis would be enough time to accumlate more clothing, and prepare for the new season.

Our tips for those who may want to hold a stall next time are;
* Price things as cheap. We sold most of our items for $5 - $20 (depending on brand and wear)
* Label clothing to reflect their 'street size'. We had many woman look at our City Chic pieces only to comment "to bad its a size small". We had to point out that a size Small at City Chic is actually a size 16 street size.
* Wear sunscreen. Seriously!
* Don't forget about accessories
* Take spending money to shop at other stalls!

Danimezza did a great blog post about what she took the first time around, and what she wished she took, so if you are interested in doing something similar check out here post here.

Of the things we didn't sell, we bagged up some and donated to Vinnies and the rest we've packed away until the next stall.

If you want to see something similar in your own area, I suggest contacting friends or local bloggers who may be interested. The more the merrier for something like this.

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