Thursday, 31 October 2013


Tomorrow is the 1st of November, which is the start of iCurvy's Shop What You Got challenge.

Basically, we are limited to 30 pieces of clothing or accessories (excluding jewellery) for 30 days. Pick them out, and remix them to create an outfit everyday.

I know most of the girls who are taking part have mentioned how hard it is to pick just 30 items, but I am somewhat of a minimalist (who wastes too much money buying then getting rid of stuff I didn't really like!) so I think I can easily limit my wardrobe to 30 items.

iCurvy's rule are;
Pick your 30 pieces
Over the course of the challenge period, you are only allow to mix and remix those 30 items as your outfits for the month.
Shoes, scarfs and belts are included but jewellery is not.
Weather specific clothing is not included (umbrella, hat, gumboots, raincoat etc) and neither is sleepwear/gymwear/swimming costume/uniform etc. I’m talking about your main outfit for the day.
Underwear is not counted. Please, in the interest of public hygiene, wear as much underwear as you want. Seriously – go nuts.
If you are giving yourself a day off – or have a special occasion – this is fine – but try and declare it upfront. This challenge will require you to some-what try and plan your outfits in advance.
If you are participating in other fashion challenges – like Style Me Friday or Aussie Curves – it’s up to you whether these outfit posts will be included or not. For me – unless otherwise stated – they are included!
I am choosing to curb my clothing shopping for the challenge period – this is optional.
Here is my list of 30. My husbands Hawaiian theme 30th party is this month, so I am omitting the grass skit and coconut bra I will be wearing for that (jokes... sorta!)
The items marked with the highlighted * are things I have ordered from ASOS which should arrive today or tomorrow. In the event they don't fit or I don't like that I will be substituing them with something else.
In theory, this is pretty easy for me... I wear a lot of black and white staple items, and really don't have THAT much on in my wardrobe. In theory!

You can follow my daily outfit posts on Instagram (@hanketteblog) and see all the other girls taking part using #shopwhatyougot and see the blog posts by the Shop What You Got label.


  1. I have a few "blank" spaces as well, pending on items that should be coming soon. Thank God this is taking place in summer! No cardigans or blazers to consider!

    I can't wait for your first outfit post :)

    1. I didn't include any jackets... but the weather has turned a bit chilly :$